Sunday Paddling (with instructor) 2:00pm October 11th


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This session is for club members and their guests. The session must be pre-booked.

This sessions is suitable for paddlers who need to be supervised, and will have a coach in attendance. Other paddlers can also book this session.If you are bringing more than yourself, book several places to cover your group. The limit is on people, not boats.

Paddlers needing club equipment will need to collect it from the boatstore, wearing a face covering when in the store, and wash down the kit and return it to the store themselves. A washdown area with hose-brush and dip tank will be set up near to the store.

Having booked a session through the shop, paddlers should arrange to go to the store at the starting time. If early, please wait in the car park. If late, you may not be able to paddle.

There will be no access to the changing rooms, so please arrive ready to paddle, or change in the car park. There is one toilet available in the building. For this, you need to go through the front door of the building, and follow the rules for limiting the number of people in the building, and the one-way system.