3 Star Open Canoe Course: 21st/22nd and 28th/29th November 2015


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After you have been paddling open boats proficiently over distances using the techniques learnt in your two-star, it is a good idea to get some more training.  The three-star is a big step, and a very important as well, as it will allow your paddling go from flat water in to moving water river and open water venues.

The aim of the qualification is to give a wider range of skills, so that you can paddle efficiently using single-bladed paddles in a different environment.  At the end of the course, you will be able to paddle in a controlled and efficient way both rivers and lake.  The techniques you will learn will be the foundation of all your future development, will enable you to take part in longer and more challenging trips and will also help you to start paddling later on in more challenging environments: big lakes and white water.

This is a longer course which is  run over two weekends, as the level of proficiency required is that of a L2 coach.  Over the years we have noticed that leaving a weekend free in between works best, as it gives paddlers the opportunity to reflect on what they’ve learnt, practise it during the Sunday sessions and go over any issues that they have found the following weekend.  This often leads to quite an appreciable increase in performance.  Please notice that you will be paddling on different venues, so you can put in practice the techniques you’re developing.  Normally, the assessment weekend takes place on the Derwent (Matlock Bath) and Rutland Water. 

There are six spaces; club members only.   The travelling is not included on the course fee –  you’ll need to make your own arrangements.  If you have any questions please get in touch.